Harper’s Index For December 2004

Harper’s Index for December 2004

Posted on Thursday, January 6, 2005.

Number of U.S. terrorism trials brought before a jury since September 11, 2001 : 1 [U.S. Department of Justice ]

Number of terrorism convictions resulting : 2 [U.S. Department of Justice ]

Number of them dismissed in June due to a "pattern of mistakes" by the prosecution : 2 [U.S. Department of Justice ]

Revenue generated by Halliburton under CEO Dick Cheney from business deals with Iraq under Saddam Hussein : $30,000,000 [Colum Lynch, Washington Post (N.Y.C.) ]

Estimated revenue generated by Halliburton last year through subsidiaries in Iran : $63,506,000 [Halliburton (Houston, Tex.) ]

Value of the Halliburton shares owned by New York City’s Fire Department Pension Fund : $3,359,095 [Office of the Comptroller (N.Y.C.) ]

Number of times since 2002 the city has filed a shareholders’ resolution questioning the risk of doing business in Iran : 3 [Office of the Comptroller (N.Y.C.) ]

Number of companies in which Tom Ridge holds stock that have a contract with the Department of Homeland Security : 7 [U.S. Department of Homeland Security ]

Number of overseas bullet suppliers the U.S. Army contracted with last year and this year, respectively : 1,5 [Program Executive Office for Ammunition (Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.) ]

Minimum number of bullets the U.S. military purchased for use this year : 1,500,000,000 [Program Executive Office for Ammunition (Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.) ]

Average number of bullets per Iraqi this represents : 58 [Harper’s Research ]

Number of major weapons systems the Pentagon has under development : 77 [U.S. Department of Defense ]

Ratio of the original estimate of these programs’ total cost to the estimate today : 1:2 [U.S. Department of Defense ]

Ratio of U.S. arms dealers’ campaign contributions made since January 2001 to Democrats to those made to Republicans : 1:2 [PoliticalMoneyLine (Washington) ]

Number of states with a Libertarian Party presidential candidate on the ballot last month : 48 [Ballot Access News (San Francisco) ]

Number with a Reform, Green, and/or Socialist Workers Party candidate on the ballot, respectively : 35,28,14 [Ballot Access News (San Francisco) ]

Weeks the Green Party’s vice-presidential candidate spent staying in homeless shelters as part of her campaign tour : 2 [Green Party (Washington) ]

Average number of clothing items an adult American acquired in 2002 : 52 [Juliet B. Schor, Boston College (Boston) ]

Estimated average amount of textiles thrown out by each U.S. household in 2001, in pounds : 66 [Juliet B. Schor, Boston College (Boston) ]

Percentage salary cut that Delta’s CEO announced this fall that he would take through the end of the year : 100 [Delta Air Lines (Atlanta) ]

Percentage of 30-year-old American men who were married, self-supporting fathers in 1960 and 2000, respectively : 65,31 [American Sociological Association (Washington) ]

Number of levels of executive positions in the federal government in 1960 and this year, respectively : 17,58 [The Brookings Institution (Washington) ]

Total number of federal executives in each of those years : 451, 2,592 [The Brookings Institution (Washington) ]

Percentage of poor Americans who lived in the suburbs in 1959 and last year, respectively : 17,39 [Harper’s Research ]

Ratio of the number of poor Americans living in cities to the number who live in suburbs : 21:20 [Harper’s Research ]

Number of the 20 fastest-growing U.S. counties that are coastal : 17 [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Silver Spring, Md.) ]

Number of body bags a New Orleans suburb secured for this year’s hurricane season : 10,000 [Times-Picayune (Jefferson Parish, La.) ]

Estimated number of Britons sent government warnings last fall of their increased chance of having mad cow disease : 6,000 [Department of Health (London) ]

Minimum number of countries with a greater capacity to produce nuclear weapons than Iraq at the time of the U.S. invasion : 35 [International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna) ]

Ratio of U.S. spending on Iraq each week to total U.S. aid to Sudan since February 2003 : 2:1 [Harper’s Research ]

Minimum number of tribes and ethnic groups in Sudan’s Darfur region : 80 [Embassy of the Republic of Sudan (London) ]

Chances that an adult male citizen of Pitcairn Island has been arrested for a sex-related crime this year : 2 in 5 [British High Commission (Wellington, New Zealand) ]

Minimum number of those arrested who are direct descendants of mutineer Fletcher Christian : 4 [Harper’s Research ]

Estimated average price of a female newborn in a Bulgarian infant-selling ring busted this summer : $6,000 [State Police Headquarters (Pordenone, Italy) ]

Estimated average price of a male newborn : $18,000 [State Police Headquarters (Pordenone, Italy) ]

Average black-market price in Baghdad of a DVD showing the beheading of a foreigner or Iraqi "collaborator" : 50c [Richard Beeston (Baghdad) ]

Price of the bottle of champagne a New York club requires patrons to buy in order to use a diamond-encrusted table : $5,000 [Select (N.Y.C.)]

Minutes of weightlessness that Virgin Galactic passengers will experience on suborbital space flights in 2007 : 5 [Virgin Group (London)]

"Degrees of freedom" accorded each eyebrow of an "Emotion Expression" robot under development : 4 (see page 28) [Waseda University (Tokyo)]

This is Harper’s Index for December 2004, a Harper’s Index, published Thursday, January 6, 2005. It is part of Harper’s Index for 2004, which is part of The Harper’s Index, which is part of Harpers.org.

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