Harper’s Index For February 2005

Harper’s Index for February 2005

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2005.

Percentage change since March 2002 in total U.S. corporate profits, as valued in dollars: +39[Silvercrest Asset Management Group (N.Y.C.)]

[#Percentage change] as valued in euros: -8[Silvercrest Asset Management Group (N.Y.C.)/Harper’s research]

Chances of a U.S. "currency crisis" within five years, according to former Federal Reserve chief Paul Volcker: 3 in 4[Office of Paul Volcker (N.Y.C)]

Number of free-trade agreements between developing nations and developed nations in 1990 and today, respectively: 23, 109[The World Bank (Washington)]

Projected change in world income over fifteen years if all developing nations were to enter such deals today: +$112,000,000,000[The World Bank (Washington)]

Projected change, in this scenario, in the total income of developing nations: -$21,500,000,000[The World Bank (Washington)]

Estimated percentage by which the number of automobiles made in Ontario last year exceeded the number made in Detroit: 4[Ward’s Communications (Southfield, Mich.)]

Rank of the United States among the largest world exporters of cigarettes: 1[U.S. Department of Agriculture ]

Rank of the United States among nations that consume the most cigarettes per capita: 16[World Health Organization (Washington)]

Number of states where women seeking abortions are required to be told that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer: 3[Planned Parenthood Federation of America (N.Y.C.)]

Number of the eighty-nine experts convened in 2003 by the National Cancer Institute who found any evidence of such a link: 1[National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, Md.)]

Year by which the median full-time wage of a U.S. woman will equal that of a U.S. man, based on current trends: 2050[Institute for Women’s Policy Research (Washington)]

Estimated change since 1999 in the number of civil-rights complaints reported to the Justice Department: 0[Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (Washington)]

Percentage change since then in the number of civil-rights criminal charges brought by the department: -47[Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (Washington)]

Number of black U.S. senators during the entire 1800s, the entire 1900s, and today, respectively: 2, 2, 1[U.S. Senate Historical Office]

Number of copies of Helping Your Child Learn History destroyed by the Department of Education last summer: 338,500[U.S. Department of Education]

Amount that makers of the video game JFK Reloaded will pay the player who best replicates the murder of Kennedy: $100,000[Traffic Management (Stirling, Scotland)]

Cost of "The Sword," an unmanned robo-soldier equipped with a rifle, machine gun, or rocket launcher: $230,000[Picatinny (Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.)]

Number of these devices the U.S. Army plans to deploy in Iraq this spring: 18[Picatinny (Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.)]

Ratio in December of the number of U.S. troops in Iraq to the number from Britain, the second-largest contributor: 16:1[U.S. Department of Defense/U.K. Ministry of Defence (London)/Permanent Mission of Italy to the U.N. (N.Y.C.)]

Ratio of the number from Britain to the number from Italy, the third-largest contributor: 3:1[U.S. Department of Defense/U.K. Ministry of Defence (London)/Permanent Mission of Italy to the U.N. (N.Y.C.)]

Number of political parties registered for Iraq’s national elections scheduled for January: 72[Permanent Mission of Iraq to the U.N. (N.Y.C.)]

Rank of the Vlaams Blok, Belgium’s far-right anti-immigration party, among the most popular in Flanders: 1[Dedicated Research (Brussels)]

Number of Nicaragua’s seventeen regional capitals whose governments are now controlled by the Sandinistas: 14[Embassy of Nicaragua (Washington)]

Number of U.K. Guardian readers who signed up last fall to write pro-Kerry letters to voters in Clark County, Ohio: 14,000[Guardian Unlimited (Manchester, U.K.)]

Number of Ohio counties besides Clark that switched from backing Al Gore in 2000 to backing President Bush in 2004: 0[Ohio Secretary of State (Columbus)]

Price a D.C. hotel charges for its "Presidential Privilege 2005" inauguration package, which includes a mink coat: $200,500[Mandarin Oriental (Washington)]

Average total cost for a U.S. eighty-year-old to live out the rest of his or her days on a luxury cruise ship: $230,497[Lee Lindquist, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Chicago)]

Average cost to live them out in an assisted-living facility: $228,075[Lee Lindquist, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Chicago)]

Estimated number of Florida homeowners who signed contracts last year forbidding them to complain about their homes: 4,000[Frese, Nash & Hansen (Melbourne, Fla.)]

Minimum damages sought by a builder last fall against a homeowner who had broken the rule: $15,000[Mommers & Colombo (Melbourne, Fla.)]

Ratio last year of the amount spent declassifying former U.S. secrets to the amount spent safeguarding others: 1:120[Information Security Oversight Office (Washington)]

Number of children’s choir members from Pink Floyd’s 1979 hit "Another Brick in the Wall" who are now seeking royalties: 1[RBL Music (Edinburgh)]

Estimated amount each member is owed: £150[RBL Music (Edinburgh)]

Percentage of children who by age seven have had at least one imaginary friend: 65[Dr. Marjorie Taylor, University of Oregon (Eugene)]

Percentage of these friends who are animals: 41[Dr. Marjorie Taylor, University of Oregon (Eugene)]

Number of Britons who have signed a declaration stating they will disobey any ban on fox hunting: 50,000[The Countryside Alliance (London)]

Number of foxes eaten by a British performance artist to protest the protests of the proposed ban: 2[Mark McGowan (London)]

Bail set in December for a Gainesville, Florida, man accused of biting a dog: $25,000[Alachua County Jail (Gainesville, Fla.)]

Page on which the Gainesville Sun ran the story: A1[Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, Fla.)]

This is Harper’s Index for February 2005, a Harper’s Index, published Wednesday, March 9, 2005. It is part of Harper’s Index for 2005, which is part of The Harper’s Index, which is part of Harpers.org.

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