Harper’s Index For January 2005

Harper’s Index for January 2005

Posted on Wednesday, February 2, 2005.

Years since the Justice Department last released the number of U.S. terror suspects taken into "preventive detention" : 3 [Human Rights Watch (Washington) ]

Estimated number of people who have been taken into such detention since then : 4,000 [David Cole, Georgetown University (Washington) ]

Minimum number of Al Qaeda suspects from overseas whom the United States has now "disappeared," by legal standards : 11 [Human Rights Watch (N.Y.C.) ]

Percentage "more intelligence" given up by prisoners in Iraq since coercion of them was banned, according to a U.S. general : 25 [Newsweek, 9/27/03 ]

Factor by which an Iraqi is more likely to die today than in the last year of the Hussein regime : 2.5 [Les Roberts, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore) ]

Factor by which the cause of death is more likely to be violence : 58 [Les Roberts, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore) ]

Average number of Americans injured every year by air rifles, paintball weapons, and BB guns : 22,000 [Danielle Laraque, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (N.Y.C.) ]

Phone number of The G.I. Rights Hotline, a nongovernmental service for U.S. military personnel : 800-394-9544 [The G.I. Rights Hotline (Oakland, Calif.) ]

Estimated number of calls the line received last year from soldiers seeking a way out of the military : 34,800 [The G.I. Rights Hotline (Oakland, Calif.) ]

Percentage of Pentagon contracts since 1998 that have been awarded on a no-bid basis : 44 [Center for Public Integrity (Washington) ]

Percentage change since 2002 in the average U.S. price of gasoline : +35.2 [U.S. Department of Energy/Harper’s research ]

Change since then in the amount of gasoline Americans consume per capita : 0 [U.S. Department of Energy/Harper’s research ]

Number of American five-year-olds named Lexus : 353 [Cleveland Evans, Bellevue University (Bellevue, Nebr.) ]

Estimated value of a diamond-and-sapphire jewelry set given to Laura Bush in 2003 by the Saudi crown prince : $95,500 [U.S. Department of State ]

Year by which the third and final phase of the 2003 "road map" to a Palestinian state was to have been reached : 2005 [United Nations (N.Y.C.) ]

Estimated number of the twenty-five provisions in the first phase that have yet to be completed : 17 [Harper’s research ]

Number of House members in 1979 who voted against making Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a national holiday : 133 [Legislative Research Center, U.S. House of Representatives/Harper’s research ]

Number who are still in the House : 9 [Legislative Research Center, U.S. House of Representatives/Harper’s research ]

Number who are Vice President : 1 [Legislative Research Center, U.S. House of Representatives/Harper’s research ]

Percentage of South African farmland owned by whites in 1994 and today, respectively : 87, 84 [International Crisis Group (Washington) ]

Ratio of the number of people in Haiti to the number of permanent full-time jobs there : 80:1 [Haiti Support Group (London) ]

Rank of Wal-Mart among Mexico’s largest private employers : 1 [Wal-Mart (Teotihuacan, Mexico) ]

Number of states, provinces, or territories of the United States, Canada, and Mexico that lack a McDonald’s : 1 [McDonald’s (Oak Brook, Ill.)/McDonald’s Canada (Toronto) ]

Population per square mile of that territory, the Nunavut region of Canada : 0.03 [Harper’s research ]

Estimated number of different languages spoken at home by Alaskan schoolchildren : 110 [Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (Juneau) ]

Chance that a Japanese grade-school student reports never having seen a sunrise or sunset : 1 in 2 [Kawamura Gakuen Women’s University (Chiba, Japan) ]

Percentage by which British university graduates are less likely than non-graduates to phone their mothers regularly : 20 [Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex (Colchester, U.K.) ]

Percentage by which they are less likely to make regular visits : 50 [Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex (Colchester, U.K.) ]

Portion of British trash that ends up in landfills : 4/5 [Environmental Services Association (London) ]

Portion of German trash that does : 2/5 [Environmental Services Association (London) ]

Meters of the Berlin Wall rebuilt by an entrepreneur last year as a "monument to peace" : 200 [House at Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Berlin) ]

Minimum number of wild boar living in Berlin : 3,000 [Jagdreferent des Landes Berlin ]

Total number of cats that entered the Cat Fanciers’ Association 2004 "Best Cat in Championship" competition : 31,899 [Cat Fanciers’ Association (Manasquan, N.J.) ]

Points by which a cat named Colin Powell defeated the runner-up : 114.35 [Cat Fanciers’ Association (Manasquan, N.J.) ]

Average number of suicides per 100,000 residents in states carried by President Bush in November : 13.5 [Michael Miller, Harvard Medical School (Boston)/Harper’s research ]

Average number of suicides in states carried by John Kerry : 9.9 [Michael Miller, Harvard Medical School (Boston)/Harper’s research ]

Hours after Kerry conceded that a New Yorker posted a personal ad seeking a Bush supporter for a "fair, physical fight" : 5 [Peter Weisman (N.Y.C.) ]

Number of people who volunteered within twenty-four hours : 3 [Peter Weisman (N.Y.C.) ]

Number who asked to watch : 9 [Peter Weisman (N.Y.C.)]

This is Harper’s Index for January 2005, a Harper’s Index, published Wednesday, February 2, 2005. It is part of Harper’s Index for 2005, which is part of The Harper’s Index, which is part of Harpers.org.

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