Wynn Las Vegas Employs Guard Dogs For Security

Wynn Las Vegas canine patrol sniffs for danger at every corner

Wynn Las Vegas went all the way to Europe to hire eight specially trained members of the $2.7 billion Strip hotel-casino’s security detail.
But they don’t require much in the way of salary.
Two Labrador retrievers and six German shepherds make up the key components of the resort’s canine patrol.

The dogs, who came to Las Vegas highly educated in bomb-detection techniques, work with their handlers to find dangerous materials, explosives and other substances that might be brought illegally into the resort.
The idea of having a bomb-detecting dog team on property isn’t new to the Strip. MGM Mirage and the Stratosphere both have canine units working at their properties.
The difference, said Wynn Las Vegas Vice President of Security Jerry Keller, is the overall size and scope of the canine detail.
Throughout the day and night, dogs and handlers patrol all areas of the casino, the resort’s public promenade, the hotel’s luggage distribution center, the two main entrances and the back-of-the-house facilities.
In just the first week of the resort’s operation, the dogs have become highly visible, outfitted with harnesses labeled "Security" and hotel employee identification badges.
"The dogs are a deterrent. We want them visible for both our employees and guests," said Keller, who oversees 270-person security force at Wynn Las Vegas.
The dogs have Las Vegas-themed names such as Ace, Blackjack, Keno, Casino and Jackpot. They range from 2 to 3 years in age and are housed at Wynn Las Vegas in a $500,000 climate-controlled kennel, complete with a bathing area and two large outdoor exercise pens.
Citing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Keller said security measures at large public buildings changed dramatically. Wynn Las Vegas, the Strip’s most expensive property and the first new megaresort in five years, has garnered worldwide media attention and could be a highly inviting terrorist target.
"We have heard nothing that could be termed as a threat, but, we make the safety of our guests a primary focus," Keller said.

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