The First Contribution

Is there a story inside of everyone? Has there ever been a time in the history of civilization where so many people, individuals with disparate origins and life experience have been able to freely exchange whatever they feel is significant in the world around them 

I have posted content on several different sites around the www and most of it has been from newspaper articles, N.Y. Times, and other various sources that I find enlightening. Essentially, it has taken me quite some time to warm up to the idea of entering posts which deal with matters on a more personal basis.

Having become exposed to so many other weblogs of individuals who are so disarmingly familiar and open in their commentary has galvanized me to begin to bring more of myself and my personal experience to the fore.

It may just serve as a personal diary to myself, but I will say that it is downright amazing how much quality and high level intellect is demonstrated by so many bloggers.

Bloggers are cool, blogs are very cool, and the information they share, the unity they can establish and the love and sincerity that many bloggers, (I think majority) bring to the enterprise could very well turn out to be the saving grace of our species.

Happy Thanksgiving To every single person who takes the time to share their ideas, struggles, opinions, solutions, support, disappointments, apprehensions, predictions and daydreams and Happy Thanksgiving to all of your loved ones.

To the blogesphere I say God Bless you one and all and thank you for allowing me to participate in whatever humble way I may be able.

 Love, Prayers, and Thoughts,



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