Happy Easter Message 2007

Easter Message 2007

I would like to wish everyone who happens by these pages a blessed and happy, serene and pleasurable Easter Sunday.
Holidays are somehow fraught with inherent tensions.  The collisions of extended family friction and a variety of traditions and expectations, are more the rule than the exception.
Regardless, the people who have the greatest challenge, not only on holidays, but throughout the weeks and months unmarked by special calender dates, are those whose family members are engaged in the military effort in the Middle East.
For each and every American who has a loved one engaged in this war, I would like to extend my gratitude and promise of my prayers for the safe return of our soldiers, and a reasonable resolution of this intractable conflict.
And to our military personell, on behalf of my daughter Olivia Frances, and my son Michael Patrick and myself, I would humbly like to express our gratitude and undying respect for the mission you have undertaken in the most unspeakable circumstances. Where the enemy is poorly defined and the measure of success clouded by political agendas which complicate and already impossible task.
God Bless All of America’s military. They are the finest people our society can produce, and they are where they are so as  to make it possible for all of us to enjoy a holiday like Easter in safety and comfort.
On this Easter in 2007, the first prayers of my children and myself will be for our brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, cousins, wives, husbands, and significant others, who are presently carrying on a war in dangerous and uncertain domains.
Remember always, that we are a great nation of kind, decent, hard working and  honorable people. The recent years have brought unexpected and poorly understood threats for which we were woefully unprepared.
Our political apathy has been a great undermining influence in that it has allowed individuals bent on the consolidation of economic gain and political influence to feel secure in acting with cynicism and outright deceit.
Americans have all of  whatever it takes, within themselves, to put our nation back on the path which will ensure the quality of life for our children’s children, and generations thereafter.
WE will prevail, we will participate in the process by informing ourselves of the salient arguments within our competing considerations.
We will communicate in greater and greater numbers for an infinite variety of exchanges, as I am witness to here on MySpace.
You are reading this and as such, we are united in a common thread to work together to share music and videos, but more importantly, our love and our support and our energy, dedicated to an unwavering commitment to guarantee a future for the children we are raising today.
Happy Easter To All.
And once again, a humble and most sincere thank you to the men and women of our Armed Services.
Our LOVE and PRAYERS are with you all.
Sincerely ,
Olivia Frances, Michael Patrick, and Michael Whelan.
Easter Sunday, 2007

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