McLaren document claims Renault did gain an advantage


News agency Reuters reported on Friday that they have seen a legal document outlining the evidence McLaren have submitted to the FIA, relating to the latest Renault spying controversy.

In December, Renault will appear before the World Motor Sport Council to answer charges that the team had unauthorised possession of confidential data belonging to their British rivals.

In the leaked document, McLaren’s solicitors suggest that the information taken from the squad was “knowingly, deliberately and widely disseminated and discussed within the Renault F1 design and engineering team”. It also alleges that over thirty files of data was loaded onto Renault’s computer system and that those files contained more than 780 technical drawings of the 2006 and 2007 McLaren cars.

Earlier this month, Renault admitted that an engineer had brought with him several computer discs containing technical spreadsheets and engineering drawing from his previous employer McLaren. The French squad also acknowledged that this information was then loaded onto the engineer’s computer and some of it was shown to other members of staff.

Renault, however, insist that the data was not used to influence the design of their car. The hearing will take place on December 6, 2007

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