Attorney General to Website: Let’s Be Buddies Again


A few month ago, the center-liberal website/blog ran an article about what it alleged were a series of "false statements DOJ spokesman Brian Roehrkasse had made during the course of the US Attorney scandal before being promoted to Director of the Office of Public Affairs at the end of last summer."

After the article appeared, TPMuckraker and its mothership, Talking Points Memo, suddenly found it was persona non grata with the DOJ and saw its supply of press releases from the department dry up. Josh Marshal says this sudden dry spell also started right around the time Mr. Roehrkasse got his new job as the head of the office that sends them out.

Marshall says that various explanation for the dry spell followed – "like an apparent budget shortfall or bandwidth dearth that made the costs of sending us their email press releases prohibitive."

Well, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and others took the matter up with the new Attorney General Michael Mukasey … and he must have found a few extra dollars in the kitty because on Friday, the press releases once again began pouring into the TPM in-boxes.

Roehrkasse told The New York Times that the issue was whether TPM was a "credentialed" news organization.As Marshall writes in conclusion, " … suffice it to say that we are no more ‘credentialed’ today than we were in October. So I’ll let people draw their own conclusions."

What Marshall is too modest to mention is that his and TPM’s reporting on the DOJ fired-attorney scandal last week won a George K. Polk Award for legal reporting.

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