Jersey Chore , Getting it Right. Gratuitous Stereotypes and the Jersey Shore, Season Two

Looking forward to a very happy and healthy summer. I eagerly anticipate spending some time on the Eastern Seaboard,all with family and close friends. An invitation of a guest shot with Jersey Shore Season 2 has become a matter of  serious consideration. I know I could lend some legitimacy to that oft maligned HBO reality series. Those kids have captured the imagination of a large viewing audience. They are filming the second installment because HBO is gonna" Bank it Like Hank."
Myself and almost everyone I grew up with in Jersey City, Hoboken, Hudson, Essex, and Passaic Counties, and even a few guys from Bergen County, intuitively understand what "The Situation" and the rest of his "crew" is experiencing during a summer in Seaside Heights. Unexpected and uncalled for, is what we would use to describe some of the more complex events as they unfolded.
Jersey Shore Season Two, just needs to step it up a notch, past the gratuitous stereotyping and blow away the whole host of critics by reaching back to the day when there was no HBO, but there damn sure was a Seaside Heights, and a Belmar, and Matawan, and Asbury Park, Lavalette, Avon, Bradley Beach, and well, the list is well known.
One or two episodes, we bring those kids up to speed, bada bing bada boom. It’s all good. You wanna’ see Jersey Shore, we will be happy to show it to you. Our invitation is extended with respect, as we only ask that while we are your Hosts, you extend us the same courtesy.
To the current cast, my utmost respect and congratulations. You have the one dog down, and Season Two is where it  all happens. You have an audience, they are your fans, they are watching YOU GUYS. You have an established platform,  the reality of that platform is your reality. YOU OWN IT!.ALLOW NO ONE TO BOX YOU IN. . Use it well, make me proud.  And hey,  don’t sweat it, Frankie and I will be down to see ya.
.All The Best,


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