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Turkish Grand Prix – Preview

by F1Fan on May 26, 2010

The Turkish Grand Prix the first Grand Prix of the 2010 Formula One season to run in a counter clockwise direction poses a big challenge for Drivers.

While the circuit is completely different from the last Grand Prix in Monaco where the track was incredibly narrow and twisty with the ARMCO barriers right at the edge of the track. Turkey has plenty of run off areas and a track some 65 ft (20 Meters) wide at its widest point yet it only has one really good overtaking area coming into turn 12. Mark Webber winner of the last two Grand Prix explains the best way around the circuit in the following video.


In addition to the counter clockwise nature of the circuit The Turkish Grand Prix is famous for a couple of unrelated items, turn 8 a four apex corner unique in all of Formula One, and the low turn out of spectators.

Turn 8 is truly unique in F1 and provides a extreme physical challenge to the drivers, exercising neck muscles in a way that is not normal in the majority of Formula One tracks.

Apart from the first Grand Prix which was a sell out, the Turkish Grand Prix has struggled to fill the stands. This year with the global economic downturn still effecting everyones discretionary spending power spectator turnout is likely to provide the lowest attendence figures yet. A pity because the circuit is a favorite of many of the drivers. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes GP Driver considers Istanbul Park as one of the best new tracks on the calendar:

“From a drivers’ point of view, the layout provides some good opportunities for overtaking with a very wide track, lots of late braking zones and gradient changes. We?ll be back to our fully upgraded car, plus some more new developments that the team have been working on, so there will be a lot to achieve in the practice sessions and I believe that we can have a good weekend.”

So who do you think is going to claim the Checkered flag, My money is on teammates Webber and Vettel.

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