Sailing Antigua – Classic yacht sailing tours.



 Eli Fuller was a member of the Antigua and Barbuda sailing team at the 1988 Olympics. He competed internationally representing Antigua for 18 years. In late 1999 when he retired from full time competition, he started Adventure Antigua which began as an Eco Tour company on the North of Antigua doing charters and excursions. Sailing Antigua is Eli’s latest venture using childhood sailing as well as life long experience as the basis of his new sailing tours, but still trying to be unique by using indigenous Caribbean sailing vessels which were built traditionally for this purpose.

Enjoying the sailing while looking for turtles on a charter.

Sailing in to the beautiful Antigua sunset in the middle of the Caribbean.

Out on the Classic Yacht sailing tour with Adventure Antigua running the show.

One of the things that distinguishes this day out on the water from other tours is the fact that it is being done by local Antiguans on classic traditional yachts built right here in the Caribbean. ITs a very organic and authentic sailing experience. Read more about these amazing boats which have hundreds of years of tradition on our blog: This photo shows Ocean Nomad half way through its build.

Every single beam and plank has a story and the entire process is as fascinating as the sights your local skipper and crew will show you out on the waters around Antigua and Barbuda. Guests Relaxing on the foredeck

Although this particular sailing tour is fairly new, the parent company (Adventure Antigua) has been doing tours and excursions here in Antigua for ten years. Their newest boat Ocean Nomad is a Carriacou sailing vessel. For a good look at how she came to be here in Antigua in time for the regatta please have a look at the slide show.

Building our first sloop: Ocean Nomad.


One Response to “Sailing Antigua – Classic yacht sailing tours.”

  1. vegasmike433 Says:

    This is the finest tour of its kind anywhere in the world. Eli has been born and raised in Antigua, and his family and my own have been close for three generations.

    If you are lucky enough to visit Antigua, and you don’t avail yourself of Adventure Antigua’s Tour Offerings, you will have missed a truly unforgettable experience. Not the least of which. I might add, is not having met Eli. Who, I must say with all objective humility, is a truly remarkable young man.

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