Former McLaren Coulthard believes Alonso deserves championship

by F1 Austin on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 8:12pm

David Coulthard with fiance Karen Minier

This season is turning out to be one of the most exciting and closest seasons in the history of Formula 1.  2 races left in the calender, and there are technically 5 drivers still capable of winning the World Championship.  Hamilton has had some success with wins.  Button has as well.  Vettel gathering more poles than anybody, has been phenomenal.  Webber has had some poles plus some great dominating wins.  Alonso led at the beginning, fell behind the rest, and impressively is now leading the championship.

David Coulthard, “I think it’s very easy for the British media and the British fans to hate Fernando Alonso for what happened in McLaren.  The world needs a villain.  It’s great for Formula One.  I loved watching it unfolding even though I was racing in that year myself between the two teammates of McLaren there and Alonso.  That was fantastic stuff

for Formula One!”

Coulthard also adds, “And I know he’s hated by a lot of the British fans, but I really believe he’s been one of the best drivers this year and thoroughly deserves to win the drivers championship this year from driving terms alone.  If you look at it, just black and white, driving terms alone, you know, categorically, he deserves to win the championship on his driving ability this year.  He’s one of the best drivers still, if not one of the best all rounder.”


Qualifying starts tomorrow for the championship.  Will we see Vettel rise from behind and follow with another Pole Position and dominate the race?  Will Webber, knowing he may never get a shot at the World Championship, come here with his guns fully loaded and dominate the competition?  Reporters have seen McLaren engineers in the Sao Paulo Airport with many car pieces to add to their cars for some more speed.  Will it be enough to bring Hamilton and Button to the front to not only win the drivers championship but also secure the constructors?  

Can Massa follow in the tradition of Brazilian drivers dominating at Interlagos and take points away from the other drivers and help Ferrari and Alonso?  Can Alonso still pull performance from his very tired engine and continue with another podium finish to better secure the championship?

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