The United States Now, and the American People.

There are some very serious fundamental. Systemic problems facing the entire

structure of the American economy.


I do believe that the only saving grace at this point, is that the world
at large lagged so far behind America from the end of WWII until the Kennedy

Administration, that there is still a global zeitgeist that looks at the United

States as the bedrock, final bellwether, and indicator of what might be termed

macro economics. It is well known that individuals in every country on the

planet, who have reached a certain level of prosperity, inevitably invest a
certain percentage of their wealth in the United States. When viewed from abroad

this country is still considered, for better or for worse, an ultimate preserve


of the predictable, politically stable,  financial security.


SO there are still some options and scenarios that , if followed with

discipline and determined resolve, will reset and rejuvenate our society, our

culture, and the entire foundation of what we have come to know as the American

way of Life, since the United States became the predominant World Power in the

aftermath of the Second World War.


There is going to be some very serious coming to terms with the

realities of the aftermath of the mistakes that were made in the recklessness

that created the Real Estate melt down, and I do not see that anyone has

forcibly come forward and explained where the bottom of this pit is measured.

Finally, and this is my mantra from here forward. If we as Americans,

each and every one of us, do not understand clearly that our very way of life is

threatened at this juncture, and the only way we can save it is to cooperate,

put our minds together, and work towards compromise on every level, than we are,

indeed, doomed as a civilization.


Democrats and Republicans are meaningless terms at this point, in my

mind. If these leaders want to waste time bickering and attacking one another,

than they should get arrested for conspiracy to be ignorantly self serving and

betraying a public trust.

We are already winding up for the 2012 Presidential elections. Obama has

to spend as much time saving his political skin as he does running the Country

and looking for solutions. Probably more. This is stupid. and Counterproductive.

Now is not the time for the Sarah Palins of the world to exploit the

historically unprecedented instability in the common weal and in the hearts and

minds of millions of Americans.


The smartest, most gifted and dedicated amongst

us, from every walk of Life, need to come forward now, and work to common cause.

We have the resource; we have the skill and the options. We just absolutely have

to cut out the bullshit.



Michael P. Whelan. Las Vegas, Nevada. November, 15, 2010


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