Oil Spill Cleanup Awareness Fades. Residents Adrift in Uncertainty.


This is one of the most straight forward and incisive perspectives that I have watched in some time. I do believe it is very true that the indeterminate, the deep rooted sense of imprecise origin, a sense of overall malaise, is as much of a… challenge to every man, woman, and child who lives have taken them into a place they know not where, with an endgame they cannot know. There is nearly universal agreement on the fact that the fear of the unknown is greater in every respect than the aforementioned knowledge of any outcome, regardless of the consequence. The uncertainty and the unknown , which is fueled to higher level of consternation and anxiety, because our own Government , for whatever reason, has been unable to assure it’s own citizens that their own leaders are not accomplices with BP in trying to cut and run from a complete commitment to making the region safe and not just covering up the evidence.

In Political Science, one of the first and most important principles to understand, is that perception is always every bit as important, and most often, more important, than the reality. It is the responsibility of good, competent leadership, to assure that the perception and the reality of how the people perceive their Government are as close to one and the same as possible. On this count alone, the Federal Government has turned up a major fail. And this, before the controversial opinions as to the actual conditions on the ground in the Gulf are introduced into the mangle.

I can easily imagine how the residents of the Gulf region would be overwhelmed by a sense of foreboding, as this video specifically mentions, as the shelf life of the public memory is so notoriously short, the day will come when there is little interest from the rest of the United States, and the region’s residents are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Under the circumstances , this is something that only adds great insult to already serious injury.

There must be an absolute and unwavering, dedicated and open ended resolve from the Oval Office and the President himself, to stand by our fellow Americans there in the Gulf Region, until any and all damages and physical pain caused by this unforgivable CRIME has been satisfactorily resolved.

Throughout all these months, I have been always struck by the feeling that if this oil had been in Boston Harbor, or in the New York Bay, poisoning the families of the Investment Bankers and Power Brokers, the President would be up in Boston or New York today, probably at the offices of Goldman Sachs, or on Harvard’s campus. After all, President graduated from Harvard Law.

Michael P. Whelan

Las Vegas, Nevada.

December 5, 2010

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