Barrichello feeling on top of the world

Tuesday 7th December 2010


Barrichello feeling on top of the world

Barrichello feeling on top of the world

Having completed 18 years in Formula One, Rubens Barrichello insists that he is feeling better than ever.
The Brazilian is the most experienced F1 driver in the sport’s history but admits he has lost none of the enthusiasm or drive that he possessed when he made his debut in the sport.
The Williams driver contends that as the years go by he continues to improve his craft, constantly lifting his performances.
“I think I have become better all the time, and I wish I was like this when driving for Ferrari,” Barrichello said at the Autosport Awards.
“There was a time during my career when I felt they treated Michael in a certain way. But I should have smiled more to that and I would have been better, but those times made me better and it is just such a lovely time now.
“This year has been my best physical year in terms of feeling my body and driving the car to the limits. I’ve enjoyed it fully.”
The 38-year-old believes that the secret to his longevity in F1 is the manner in which he focuses on enjoying the moment, something he urges younger drivers to do.
“When I have a chance I give a little word to the young guys,” he explained.
“The boys from the future, the ones that are coming now, are actually better than we were. They are better than the Rubens Barrichello’s from 1993, because they are better prepared and they have simulators and things like this. But they are also coming having driven go-karts and already thinking about F1.
“You have to think one day at a time. You have to be yourself and you have to enjoy your childhood and everything.
“You have to dream, but dreaming is a different thing from actually living in F1, and I have actually lived one day at a time – and I think that is the secret. I have enjoyed my life so much and being on stage there, I was so thrilled
“It is just like being a karter yesterday. If people really don’t believe that I can be a champion next year then fine, but I believe it and you have to go for it – smile to the problems and go for it,” he added. All Rights Reserved


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