For Everyone


For every weirdo and crackpot that might be lurking in some crevice there are thousands of people like ourselves who value the importance of communicating and supporting each other while recognizing that we are probably doomed to extinction or worse unless the inherrent isolation and alienation in our modern world is mitigated by the power of this technology to bind us together.

Life is not easy, and the only thing that we can do to make some of the bad stuff better is to honestly love one another and help each other and if we all do that the whole load of human sufferring can only begin to lift and become lighter.

We will bring ourselves back from this brink of extinction one person, one note, one act of kindness, one leap of faith, one trust, one sacrifice, one prayer, one sharing, one flower, one hug, ONE LOVE at a time

Thank You For All of The Love and Support,



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