Peter King’s broad-brush indictment of the “Muslim community.”

U.S. Rep. Pete King (R-NY).

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One Response to “Peter King’s broad-brush indictment of the “Muslim community.””

  1. vegasmike433 Says:

    I cannot see that these hearings will produce advancement in the attempts to understand what is going on behind the scenes in the Moslem American community, in so far as attempts by foreign agents to use Mosques as a center for recruitment of young Moslems to participate in acts of terrorism. It would seem to me, that rather than hold public hearings that devolve into flash points of harbored resentments, and emotional animosities, we would do far better in reaching out to the Moslem communities, so as to communicate across a broad spectrum of community and law enforcement channels, and thereby being more effective in rooting out such radicalization efforts that might arise. Communication is the key. Acceptance of common goals and mutual understanding is the only way to shine a light on the minority of malevolent individuals who benefit from tensions between Moslems and the population at large. And in this context, I see these hearings as doing far more harm than good.

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