Vettel celebrates after winning the first race of the season in Melbourne

When Christian Horner smugly revealed that Red Bull hadn’t been using KERS in Melbourne, a cold chill would have ran throughout the rest of the Formula One paddock.
Reintroduced for 2011, the Kinetic Energy Recovery System is said to give you an advantage of anything up to half-a-second a lap.
Yet the reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel blitzed the rest of the field without it, cruising to his 11th career win, and sending out an ominous statement to his rivals.
AD60186505Red Bull-Renault Red Bull gives you wings: Vettel celebrates after winning the first race of the season in Melbourne
Rumours were rife on Saturday evening that neither Vettel nor team-mate Mark Webber would have the system at their disposal on Sunday after appearing to run without it in qualifying.
Some suggested that Red Bull had a lightweight start-only KERS system – one which would give them an advantage off the line, but at no other point during the 58-lap race.
This however, turned out to be nothing more than wild rumours. ‘You could have told me that before the race, because I was wondering. I pushed the button all the time and nothing happened,’ Vettel joked with the media after his emphatic win.
It turned out Red Bull snubbed the system simply because they were worried it was unreliable – a key factor which prevented Vettel from running away with the title in 2010.
But Horner insists the team do intend to run KERS at Sepang in a fortnight. ‘In Malaysia there is a relatively long run to the first turn, and we will be keen to get it on the car as soon as possible,’ the Red Bull chief said on Monday morning.
Only eight drivers in the history of the sport have won back-to-back drivers’ titles. And with Vettel now set to have KERS at the push of a button for the rest of the campaign, it’s difficult to see beyond the young German becoming the ninth.
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